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Need some breakfast catering in Fairfax VA? Chutzpah makes that happen as long as you place your order in good time. This Jewish restaurant, determined to serve you authentic dishes to start your day right, delivers orders of as many people as you want to your doorstep.

Chutzpah’s breakfast menu is vast, comprising of egg dishes and sandwiches, Blintzes, buttermilk pancakes, French toast scrambles, and omelettes. We also serve bagels and smoked fish platters and an assortment of side dishes. We do both in-the-house and to-go breakfast options from early morning to 11Am on weekdays and noon on weekends. Platters are great for a group and will consist several of our specials.

Want something less filling to take the place of breakfast? You will certainly like Chutzpah’s Chicken Noodle with veggies and chicken or with a Matzo Ball. Or even Kreplach! Ask for soup of the day too if you want to surprise your taste buds.

People choose Chutzpah for various reasons other than its great food.

• Friendly Staff
Authentic New York service is sassy and so are our staff. While we agree we are not rude enough to be authentic, we will tickle you with facts and have you questioning your deli etiquette – like asking for mayo to go with your pastrami? Who does that? The staff will also recommend all the best items on the menu, although that may take a while as everything is great according to several clients who eat here daily.

• Generous Portions
It is not enough that food be great, the portions should be generous too to be worthy of your money, shouldn’t they? Chutzpah serves over-stuffed sandwiches and generous portions of beef brisket as well as homemade coleslaw. The platters meant for groups are not only reasonably priced but heaped as well.

• Options!
Variety is the spice of life, it is said, and so Chutzpah gives you more choices than you can go through in a week. The meals, from breakfast to brunch and dinners are well curated and spiced to perfection. Do not spend too much time guessing what spices are used in your meals as many have tried and failed. All we can say is that the soup here is better than your grandma’s.

• Timely Delivery
Want to enjoy an authentic New York meal but have no time to get to the restaurant? Just order online for same-day delivery for smaller meals and at least 10 hours in advance for parties of 10 people and above – to give us enough time with the meal. You can pay via check – personal or corporate, credit card, cash or company account.

Although breakfast starts when the restaurant opens and ends at 11 am on weekdays, you could still order other amazing meals served right after noon. Chutzpah caters to children, adults, meat lovers, vegetarians, and basically anyone with great taste. If you are still torn on what to serve your girls when they converge at your place over the weekend, consider Chutzpah Deli’s breakfast catering in Fairfax VA and you will be amazed.

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