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When you are in mourning, you will need a Shiva caterer that understands the kind of meals to go with the event. Food, when shared with loved ones, can makes things much easier, which is why Chutzpah runs a catering department to deliver timely meals that the entire family will enjoy.

Nothing can replace a lost loved one and although food does not necessarily ease the pain, it keeps the conversation going as you celebrate the life of your dearly departed. Chutzpah serves easy-to-share meals depending on your preference. Being as you know your guests better, we work with you to come up with the kind of menu you would prefer.

Our catering services are best for groups of 10 and above. We recommend that you place your orders at least 48 hours to delivery time to enable us prepare the ideal feast for you and your loved ones. For Shiva, our menu has several options. The over-stuffed sandwiches are prepared in bite-sizes that are easy to handle and share while the salads, pickles, homemade coleslaw, and beef brisket are also available depending on your taste. Forget not the famous smoked fish platter and cheese platters.

The pastry section – carrot cake, authentic New York cheesecake, cookies and brownie platters as well as other mini pastries will please the sweet-toothed guests immensely. If you let us know in advance, we will incorporate other items not on the menu too because we are flexible.

Why are we Popular in Northern Virginia?
With so many restaurants in the Fairfax / Northern Virginia area, we had to be authentic to attract the ever-choosy dinner. Regular customers can’t help but keep coming back because… well, where else would they find all of the following under one roof?

• Authentic New York Food
Value for your money is what you get when you order our platters to impress your guests. From the beef brisket to smoked fish platters and jumbo sandwich platters, you will be impressed at the level of professionalism and understanding of New York dinning. We also take it upon ourselves to teach you deli etiquette. You are welcome.

• Friendly Staff
The staff at Chutzpah is not only knowledgeable of the menu and food etiquette, but also friendly and witty. We know what is expected of us and we do not disappoint – only we add our own twist. The ambience only makes the dining experience even better.

• Timely Delivery
We agree on delivery time when you place your catering order and we will be there a few minutes before that time to set up and get ready for your guests. No one event is the same as the last and so we work with you to deliver the expected touch to make the event memorable.

Flexible payment methods, extensive menus, and reasonable prices are only a few of the other reasons why people choose to order from Chutzpah. You do not have to look any further for a Shiva caterer of all you want is a caterer that works with you every step of the way.

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